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  • V550 Holden VR V8 Man
    • V550 Holden VR V8 Man
    • $2,095.00
    • The Wolf V550 Holden VR Plug-In Kit is designed to connect directly into the vehicle's original harness.


      It allows for removal of the airflow meter, & using the internal MAP sensor on the Wolf, can be tuned up to 30psi or higher, (45psi can be requested). The adaptor uses all the standard sensors fitted to this vehicle.
      All the gauges and lights on the dashboard remain functional and do not require modification, however, the OD switch will need to be modified and an instruction sheet for this will be supplied on purchase.

      This adaptor is set up as per factory specification and will fire the ignition as single pulse, one coil and distributor.
      Adjustable Dwell: allows the ignition system to be tuned to its maximum potential under different driving situations.

      The V550 allows for the setup of launch control and anti lag, which can be done for maximum boost before launching into a race.
      Some other functions of the secondary map are 'valet mode', which allows a determined rev limit and tune to be entered. So at the flick of a switch (or turn of a key) this function, limits the power from the engine and stops people giving the vehicle a hard time with out your knowledge.
      Tuneability of 16 load points every 125 rpm both fuel and ignition, makes Wolf V550 Holden VR Plug-In very versatile.
      12 parameters working just on cold start there is no reason why your vehicles will not turn key & start even if you have big injectors after correct tuning has been achieved.


      This adaptor will have the connector listed below:


      Kit contents:
      -1x wolf V550 ECU
      -1x wolf V550 plug in loom
      -1x wolf V550 PC Software
      -1x Wolf V550 serial cable
      -1x Life time warranty


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