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Nissan VQ35 buggy

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Well it never seems to stop. We had a little problem 'child'  that was becoming slightly annoying for both the customer and us.

Alex first contacted us just before xmas to ask if we could control the VVt on a VQ35 Nissan V6. The answer was yes and it all started from there.

As they had removed the stock SR20 and mounted the VQ35 in place of it, they had used the original wiring harness that come with the motor.

Wolf sent over all the drawings and helped in any way with the wire up and supplied a map to run in the engine.

Over the next couple of months as the install become complete, Alex and Chris tried to get the engine running without any success.

Wolf's technical department also assisting them via remote hook up on the internet.

Ok so this was becoming a problem. Robbie McQueen  high tails it over to Hobart to look at their project and underlying problems.

The first problem found was an intermittent cam sensor signal, this was picked up in the Wolf software and as we started to scope the problem we started to see more strange and wonderful things!

Back probing the sensor showed us that the power and earth were fine to the sensor, continuity test to the Wolf also proved the wiring to be in good order.

Now keep in mind that this is an OEM harness, and that Alex and Chris had no reason to remove any of the plugs off the sensors as they had used the OEM wiring colours.

So the sensor was removed to test it with a multimeter and all looks good.  Refit it to the wiring and test on the vehicle, still no signal.

Removed the sensor off the vehicle and test it on the bench making up a test harness, strange there was a really good signal. So plug it back into the wiring harness and no signal.

Found that as the sensor was turned to face 12 o'clock it would give a signal and then hold it at 3 o'clock (normal installed position ) it would not.

Removed the connector on the sensor and disassembled the connector removing the pins, WOW all the pins had their pressure tag bent back, so the contact surface of the

Pin to terminal was almost not there, and this would explain why when it was cranking it would sometimes show a signal and sometimes not.

Now to remove all terminals and close them up. This will get them through a race but needs to be replaced and at 3AM in the morning buying them anywhere local was not going to happen.

All good, starts and runs so off to the dyno. The moral to this story is it is sometimes quicker to wire the project than to hope that the wiring is ok.

Really good dyno session at Pro automotive in Hobart and we made 167KW at the wheels controlling cams and intake manifold as well as the engine.

Well I can not be expected to look bright and happy 3 hours sleep but great result.

Out right 2nd over the weekend great work to Chris Branch and his team.

Email sent on Sunday night to Wolf ems.

Hi Robbie,

here are a couple of photos from the weekend.

At this point we would like to thank you and your team at Wolf EMS for your commitment and assistance over the past few weeks for getting our engine upgrade going. When we decided to upgrade the engine from a Nissan SR20 normally aspirated with a Wolf 3D engine management system we decided the engine would be a Nissan VQ35DE and we honestly shopped around for a engine management system for it and without a doubt on the phone prior to purchase you were the most approachable and most interested in our project and your commitment at the time on the phone to come over if we were unable to get everything working. True to your word a week before the race you did fly over and sorted out our issues with the VVT and organised getting the Buggy Dyno Tuned.

On race day aside from the driver running the engine very low on fuel the engine went without fault and we were able to achieve 2nd in class.

Thanks once again.

Cheers Alex and Chris Branch

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